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The Skippers 

Jerry, Grampa, Dad


Nice rain gear!

Jennifer and David

John facing the elements... wind, rain, sleet... anything but heat!



Jerome Larson - Dad to David and John.  Jerry purchased the Alpha new in 1977 when he and his brother Steve started Christian Sailing Incorporated (CSI) on Lake of the Woods.  The program lasted twelve years and introduced thousands of Minnesota kids to sailing and to Lake of the Woods.  Jerry still loves to sail and spends most of his sailing time on his Sunfish sailboat at the cabin.  Jerry was introduced to sailing while living on Wake Island in the Pacific where he sailed and raced trimarans and catamarans.  He also has sailed the Puget Sound, Hawaii, California (out of San Diego), and the Virgin Islands.


David Larson - David began sailing in the Pacific when he was in third grade.  He was introduced to Lake of the Woods when he worked as a skipper for CSI.  Long harboring dreams of sailing in exotic locations, David has primarily sailed and raced in Minnesota and Canada (Lake of the Woods).  He has also sailed the Puget Sound, Hawaii, Fiji in the South Pacific, and chartered on Lake Superior.  David also has a Sunfish and windsurfer to round out his sailing fleet. David is also the web guy. 



John Larson - John worked briefly as a skipper for CSI, cruised Lake of the Woods as an adult and has sailed many miles on the trusty Sunfish sailboats at the cabin. John has raced on Lake Minnetonka (, chartered on Lake Superior, and has offshore experience sailing out of San Francisco, Prince Edward Island, and the Virgin Islands. He also has a windsurfer to keep him humble.  John once spent two hours staring at a napkin chart of the Swedish Archipelago when a Swedish friend -- Per -- explained his ferry boat runs from Yxlan and Blido islands to Stockholm.

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