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s/v Alpha Homepage
          Alpha Portrait
          Summer 2002
          Lake of the Woods
          Flotilla 2004
                    Lake of the Woods
          Summer 2004 Itinerary
          Boat Specifications
                    David Larson
                    Christian Sailing Incorporated
                              Christian Sailing Boat History
                    Wake Island
                    Sunfish Sailboat
          Site Map

Journal Writings
          Summary Writings from 2002 Lake of the Woods cruises.
          David and Family's Trip Summary
                    Best of Trip
                    Slide Show
                    Northern Harbour
          Jerry, Julie, Darrin, Wouter, and Anne's trip Summary
          John and Claire/Scott and Karla's Trip Summary
                    Northern Harbour
          Bruce and Nicole's Trip Summary
          Mark and Jean's Trip Summary
          Mark and Val's Trip Summary

          Our first Cruising Story (1999)
Lake Superior Chartering

          Refurbishing the Alpha (From spring 2002)
          Journal One - Take Out Day, Oct. 2001
          Journal Two - John's "reupholstering the boat cushions" adventure.
          Journal Three - Alpha provisioning List and First Aid Kit recommendations.
          Journal Four - April in Minnesota (A Shackleton like adventure).
          Journal Five - The work begins!
          Journal Six - Workday II
          Journal Seven - Making headway on the head and Flush with success!
          Journal Eight - Izaty's Launch Weekend
          Journal Nine - The Cockpit Mosquito Ten (Part I)

          2002/2003 Journal entries.
          Journal Ten - The 2004 Itinerary
          Journal Eleven - Sail Trim
          Journal Twelve - Parents take your kids sailing.
          Journal Thirteen - The Cockpit Mosquito Tent  (Part II)
          Journal Fourteen - Tacking Down Sturgeon Channel.  This is another article by Kelsey.
          Journal Fifteen - John's really, really, descriptive essay on the light of Lake of the Woods.
                    Part II - Day Light
                    Part III - Evening Light
                    Part IV - Night Light

          2004 Journal Entries
Journal Sixteen - 2004 Flotilla Overview
          Journal Seventeen - Lake of the Woods Pelicans
          Journal Eighteen - Flotilla 2004 web Page
                    Flotilla Itinerary
                    Flotilla Skippers
                    Lake of the Woods
                    Flotilla Overview
          Journal Nineteen - Kelsey has written a humorous article about waiting for spring.


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