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Apostle Islands, Lake Superior

Nordic Song is a 1989 Pearson 33-2 and is owned by three friends and sailed in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior.  We use this site to record and share our sailing experiences

-Bruce, David, and John



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Summer 2015 family sailing adventure.

Maui snorkeling video (winter 2015/16).                                                                        Maui snorkeling video (short Version) winter 2015/16.

Anders is building a boat!                                                                                                      A light wind summer cruise (2013)

A recent sail in the British Virgin Islands (2014)                                                                      A Blog I am  enjoying following.  s/v Delos        

Snorkeling in the British Virgin Islands (2014)                                                                         Spring Work Weekend in the Snow (2013)



Video Page - A complete list of all our videos

A September Sail (2012)

A September Sail #2 (2012) - Same video as above only with a music background.

Spring Commissioning 2012

A report from the 2012 Chicago Boat Show

A short video from John and Claire's Applefest 2011 weekend.

An August 2011 video.

A short weekend sail (2011). 

Sailing to Grand Marais, MN

Sailing to Silver Bay video.

Sailing from Silver Bay to the Apostle Islands in gale force winds video.

Nordic Song Video  (3rd prize winner in a Cruising World video contest.)
Here to see the video.

Sailing Pictures from 2009..

Nordic Song Video from summer of 2009

Journal Entries

A short weekend sail. (2011)

An August sailing trip (2011)

A fun sail to Silver Bay (2010)

Apple Fest 2009 and Take Out Weekend

David's family sailing trip story (2009)

Our new Laser sailboat.

Spring 2009 - John's thoughts on sailing, life, and jobs.

Photos from a quick trip up to the boat. 

A short creative non-fiction story about sailing in the Apostle Islands.

Poem by Kelsey (2008)

Bayfield Apple Festival (2008)

Sail to Grand Marais (2008)

David's Family Trip (2008)

John's Family Trip (2008)

Shipwreck-Julian Bay (2008))

Long Island (2008)

New Interior Cushions (2008)

Spring Work (2008)

John's First Trip of the Season (2008)

Kelsey's Latest Sailing Essay (2007)

Fall Sailing (2007)

David's Family Trip (2007)

John's Families Trip (2007)

More Lightning Repairs Pictures

Update on Nordic Song Lightning Repairs

Nordic Song Hit by Lightning! (2006)
(Our season is over.)

Kelsey's Latest Sailing Adventure (2006)

Dave's Family Cruise on Golden Sun (2006)

John's Summer Family Trip (2006)

Spring Work Weekend (2006)

Stockton Island (2006)

Devil's Island Caves! (2005)

The Last Sail! - David and family (2005).

David and Jennifer's Apple Festival Report   (2005)

David and Jennifer's trip report.  (2005)

John and Claire's trip report!   (2005)

Original Nordic Song Web Page (2005-2009)

*Complete list of journal writings.


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Pearson 33-2 (Swan Song) - Original Listing of our boat.  

Port Superior - Where our boat is moored

Superior Charters - Complete charter information

Good Old Boat - A good article on the Pearson era.

Lake Superior Links

Bayfield Yacht Club - Informative web site.

Lake Superior Weather - Up to date weather reports.

Lake Superior Information - Lots of general information.

Northern images Photography - Beautiful wallpapers!

Cruising the Apostles - Cruising information.

Bayfield, WI - Bayfield community information.

Other Links

West Marine - They have what you need.

Sailboat Inc. - Superior, WI

Other Stuff

Amps Chart

The Building of a Pearson 33-2

Cotter Pins

Top 20 Sailing Songs 

Favorite Sailboats (More boats added)

Repairing a Grabrail (2007)

Under Sail Pictures (2007)

Norwegian Cousin's Sailboat (2008)

Upgrades to Nordic Song (2008)

Specifications and Diesel Information - Nordic Song

Photos - Pictures of Nordic Song

Chrysler 26 - Our old boats web site.

Boat Information

Handouts:  The following our copies of checklists we use on our boat.  You are free to use any of these.  Click on the .doc for a printable copy.

1. Spring Commissioning                      

2. Apostle Islands Information               

3. Leaving the Boat                                                          

4. Fall Checklist                                     

5. Diesel Maintenance                           

6. Sailing in Fog                                    

7. Sailing "Right of Way" Rules             


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