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Izaty's Golf and Yacht Club - This is where we keep our boat most summers.

Northern Harbour Marina - the Alpha's Lake of the Woods home.

Lake of the Woods Cam - Updated images from the Northwest Angle.

Water level Information - Lake of the Woods Water Levels.

Fire Danger - Lake of the Woods fire danger.

House boating Lake of the Woods - A cruise I took a few years ago. 

Christian Sailing Inc. - A brief history of Jerry and Steve's youth sailing camp.

Chrysler Sailing Association Web Site - Lots of information on the Chrysler 26.

West Marine - Lots of boat stuff.

Pacific Yachting - A neat Canadian sailing magazine that is focused on British Colombia waters.


The following our some sites dedicated to people and their boats.  They include stories of their adventures
and projects they have completed on their boats.

s/v Patience - A great web site about Tim Whelan's sailboat "Patience". 

s/v Stella Blue - Another site recording the continual projects of sailboat maintenance.

s/v Starboard Home - A neat site with lots of stories .

s/v Skean-dhu - An interesting  Chrysler 26 web page.

s/v Tatoosh - A site dedicated to the s/v Tatoosh.

s/v Prudence - A site dedicated to the s/v Prudence.


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