Lake of the Woods
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Lake of the Woods









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When I think of Lake of the Woods I envision a sheltered bay with a sailboat safely anchored to shore and a small group of people sitting around a campfire. The sailing on Lake of the Woods is wonderful but arriving to a sheltered bay is my very favorite part of the sailing experience. One reason I am a cruiser and not a racer is I like to arrive more than I like getting there. I love that feeling of dropping the anchor in a secluded bay and feeling the boat come to a stop after a hard day of sailing. When the sounds of sailing have died away and the soft noises from shore take over, the feeling of relaxation and peacefulness is wonderful.Sunset on Lake of the Woods

I figured this out a few summers ago when I cruised the lake in a 42 foot houseboat. I was prepared to tolerate the noise and the lack of nautical challenges in operating something you just point and drive.  However, I was surprised to find that arriving to my destination was just as satisfying in the houseboat as in the sailboat. In fact I realized that when you enter a harbor with a sailboat you are always motoring so the feeling was mostly the same.  I didn't convert to power boating but I did discover that getting there is still my favorite part of cruising. 

Lake of the Woods has thousands of anchorages and each has its own unique atmosphere.  Once anchored to shore one can explore ashore, hike in the woods, swim in the water, explore the shore by dinghy, fish, or just sit and watch the sun set.  

Lake of the Woods facts:

-1,980 square miles, 2/3 of which lies in Ontario and Manitoba, 1/3 lies in Minnesota.  Of this, 1,485 square miles is water.

-65,000 miles of shoreline, more then Lake Superior. 

-14,000 islands.  More then any other lake on the North American Continent.

-Deepest spot is 216 feet in Whitefish bay.



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