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Congratulations to our very own 2nd Grade Teacher, Jenny Ryan!



Welcome to Isanti Primary School and the Early Childhood Program!!  Isanti Primary School currently serves approximately 500 PreK - 2nd grade students who live in the area surrounding the city of Isanti.  For the first time in many years we welcome the early childhood program to our building.  We are pleased to offer early childhood family education, early childhood preschool and early childhood special needs programs as well as the traditional kindergarten through second grade programs.

The former Isanti Elementary School was built in 1969 and includes two more additions built in ----- and 1989. The 1969 building replaced a building that was built in 1905.  The 1905 building was 2 stories tall, included a full basement and had four rooms with more space for expansion.  Years later, in 1950, an old country school was moved in to serve as a cafeteria and band room.  This building happened to be the very first school in Isanti's first school district.  A few of the principals in the very first Isanti Schools included Ms. Winnie Fischer (1905 - 1907), Mr. Gerald McKay (1930's), Mr. Russell Medin (1940's).  

The current building is called Isanti Primary School and has 35 classrooms, a full gym and cafeteria, media center, computer labs and office suite.  Starting in 1999 our school site included three portable buildings which added six more classrooms for our growing enrollment and the addition of the year round program, School For All Seasons.  From 1998 to the spring of 2006 Isanti Elementary housed between 750 and 930 students.  With the opening of our new Isanti Intermediate School we were able to move out the portable classrooms and change our grade structure and enrollment so that we fit comfortably in the existing building.Third grade, fourth grade and the School for All Seasons are now housed in the new Isanti Intermediate School.  The  Principals in the current building have included Ms. Rubie Bellin (1966 - 1976), Mr. Paul Tatting (1976 - 1998), Ms. Kristine Stueve (1998 - 2013) and Mr. Shane Dordal (2013 - Present).



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