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Oak Land ALC is now Riverside Academy
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To provide Quality Education to all students by Meeting the Individual Needs identified to complete their educational goals.

Alternative Education programming through the Area Learning Center (ALC) model, serving K-21 year old students, is provided through the partnership of Cambridge-Isanti, Princeton, and St. Francis School Districts. Differentiated instruction; student-centered atmosphere; smaller class sizes; flexible scheduling; community & work-based learning and career planning are descriptions of our programs.

Program Descriptions
Senior High Programs Serving
Students Seeking State Graduation Requirements.

* Full-time Educational Program offered M-F with limited homework.

* Independent Study Program offering flexible scheduling that is a combination of classroom and independent study course work.

* TAPP serves the education, health, and social welfare needs of pregnant teens and young parents.

Junior High Program Serving
7th, 8th & 9th Grade Students.

* Providing a safe environment where individual students can achieve academic, social and emotional success.

Extended Day Programs Serve
Students Past the Regular School Day.

* Credit Make-up for 9-12th grade is available to full-time day students to complete their graduation credits.

* Credit Recovery is an individual program to recover failed coursework. Must be referred by counselor.

* Targeted Services serves K-8th grade students scheduled after/before the school day and focuses on reading, math and school skills.

Extended Year Programs Serve
Students in the Summer.

* Credit Make-up and Credit Recovery.

* Independent Study Programs.

* Transition Programs developed for invited 8th & 9th grade students.

* Targeted Services for 1st-8th grade students offering unique programming.

Cambridge-Isanti Community
625C North Main Street
Cambridge, MN  55008

763/552-6269 fax

Rebecca Fuller, Director/Principal
Princeton Community
625C North Main Street
Cambridge, MN   55008

763/552-6269 fax

Rebecca Fuller, Director/Principal

Bridge Street Learning Community
22970 Butterfield Drive
P.O. Box 254
St. Francis, MN   55070

763/753-7516 fax

Kara Kerr, Assistant to the Director

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