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Course Organizers

The links below are for the Course Organizers which explain the key components to each course.


Business Marketing/Computers

Accounting 2
Advanced Marketing
Fashion Marketing
Graphic Design 1
Graphic Design 2
Human Relations
Internet Programming/Web Design
Introductory Programming
Marketing Internship
Personal and Business Law
Sports and Entertainment Marketing


Oral Interpretation
World Studies: Classical
World Studies: Comtemporary


Exploring Childhood A & B
FACS for Life
Home Design

Health Occupations

College Medical Terminology
Exploring Health Care Occupations

Industrial Technology
Architectural Drafting 1
Architectual Drafting 2
Auto Maintenance
Automotive Vehicle Service A & B
Computer Drafting 1
Computer Drafting 2
Construction Trades
Electricity and Plumbing
Woods 1
Woods 2
Woods 3
Woods 4 A & B


Calculus A & B
College Statistics
Geometry A & B
Geometry Concepts A & B


9th Grade Band
9th Grade Band & Choir
Concert Band A & B
Symphonic Band
Symphonic Band & Choir

Physical Education


Applied Biology/Chemistry A
Applied Biology/Chemistry B
Chemistry A
Chemistry B
College Chemistry A
College Chemistry B
Integrated Science 1
Integrated Science 2
Physics A
Physics B

Social Studies

AP European History
AP World History A
AP World History B

Special Education

Work Experience

Work Experience OJT
Work Seminar

World Language

American Sign Language 1
Chinese 1 A & B
French 1
French 2
French 3
Spanish 5A
Spanish 5B

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