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From:Thursday, September 18, 2014 12:20 PM -0500
Subject:Internet outage 
Earlier this morning we suffered an Internet outage that lasted about ten minutes.  I received a call from the state telling me that their switch, which is between us and the Internet was having issues.  We are not sure what those issues are at the moment, but the state and the tech department are looking into it.

My hope is that it was a temporary issue and we are business as usual.

Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.  I know that many of your services are Web based and these kinds of interruption are disruptive to our labs, classrooms, and administrative staff.  I will follow up with the state to see if they discovered the reason for our outage.

Your friendly neighborhood technician,

Bill McDonald

If I can't fix it, it isn't broken!

District Systems & Network Administrator
Cambridge-Isanti School District
Office:         763-689-6229
Mobile: 763-350-1806