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From:Monday, March 17, 2014 2:03 PM -0500
Subject:Watch for Changing Conditions 
Watch for Changing Conditions

To All Employees,

At this time of the season we all know that surface conditions on roads, sidewalks, steps and entryways can change from wet to glare ice in no time at all.  It’s called Refreeze and it’s dangerous!!  Changes happen overnight and sometimes multiple times per day.  So we’ll do the very best we can to control the ice, but we’re asking that you PLEASE be mindful to:

1.     Watch for changing conditions!

2.     Report icy conditions.

3.     Walk in designated walkways only.  No shortcuts.

4.     Slow down and shorten your steps.

5.     Stay off your cell phone when walking

6.     Step into and out of your car with both feet

7.     Step directly down off the curb, not out.

Conditions change and what was a safe walking surface before could be a very dangerous surface now.  So pay close attention to the conditions at hand and focus all of your thoughts on getting from Point A to Point B safely and without slipping or falling!

From the Health & Safety Committee


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