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From:Wednesday, May 15, 2013 2:46 PM -0500
Subject:C-I Fitness Club - Get Fit & Get $20 Back Each Month! 

Fitness Club
A program for Community Members with Preferred One Insurance.
Get Fit!

Are you taking any
of these classes?
Fitness & Triathlon Swimming
Top Fuhol Fitness Program 
Top Fuhol Morning Madness
Aqua Combo
Lap Fitness Swim
Couch to 5K!
55 & Fit!
Total Wellness Coaching classes as approved by Total Wellness Coaching Management. 

Join Fitness Club and save $20/month!                               

Get Fit!  
 C-I Fitness Club Details 
-If you have Preferred One Insurance, you may register for eligibility.
-Register with Community Education to become a C-I Fitness Club member. 
-There is a monthly C-I Fitness Club fee of $25, which will be paid from the cost of any approved Community Education fitness class.
Example: A $70 Top Fuhol punchcard purchased on April 1 would cover Fitness Club fees for April ($25), May ($25) and $20 toward June's Fitness Club fee.
  -Submit a completed C-I Fitness Club Workout Record to Community Education on the first business day of the month.
Note: Workouts must be completed on 12 separate dates in each calendar month for this form to be valid.
-A reimbursement payment of $20 from Preferred One will be deposited electronically into your savings or checking account.
[Fitness Club I 

ubmit completed registration forms to:
C-I Community Education
625B Main Street North
Cambridge, MN 55008
Fax: 763-689-6239.
Call 763-689-6189 for more information.
Community Education Hours: M-F, 8 am to 4:30 pm
(Summer hours - June 10 through August 16, M-F 7:30 am to 4 pm)

CambridgeIsantiLogo C-I Fitness Club is brought to the Cambridge-Isanti community by
District #911 [Cambridge-Isanti Community Educationnd processed by C-I Community Education.   


mbridge-Isanti Community Education | 625B Main St N | Cambridge | MN | 55008