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From:Tuesday, May 26, 2015 2:45 AM -0500
Subject:Use them now AND in the fall: Math and ELA Weekly Reviews 

Weekly Reviews: Math and English Language Arts, Grades K-12 Available
36 weeks of test prep materials - Math and ELA

36 Weeks of Math and ELA Practice, Supplement your curriculum
Cover all of the essential skills and standards for your grade

You've seen our CCSS Bellringers and Test Banks, now get our CCSS Weekly Reviews for your classroom! What's unique about this product? Each week, the types of questions remain the same in this product - but the prompts change, so you have many test prep opportunities to practice the essential skills every week of the school year. Build your students’ confidence through these weekly test prep repetition for the upcoming SBAC test.

Do you want some samples? Just reply to this email with the grade you would like to review!

As an educator, you might be looking for materials that will help your students get ready for the upcoming state standardized test. Our Weekly Reviews will help you review the essential skills for your grade while keeping the standards, the things you’ve taught, fresh in your students’ minds.

In our Math Weekly Reviews,

  • We provide a set of questions that either cover every standard every week (Grades K through 8) or every other week (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry).
  • Each week, we provide specific prompts – numbers, graphs, images, etc. – in blue boxes followed by several questions, which are each mapped to the corresponding Common Core State Standard. These prompts change each week, but the questions remain the same - allowing you to practice these skills over and over with your students.

In our ELA Weekly Reviews,

  • We first provide either a literature or an informational text excerpt (they alternate each week).
  • We then provide a set of questions; these questions cover all of the Reading: Literature, the Reading: Informational Text, and Language standards every two weeks.
  • Lastly, we give you two writing prompts that correspond to the literature or informational text excerpt each week. These prompts cover the writing standards released for your grade every two weeks. All questions and writing prompts are mapped to the corresponding Common Core State Standard for you - allowing you to practice the skills over and over with your students.

We encourage our clients to take advantage of the flexibility inherent in these products. You can definitely use them weekly – but they can also be used as homework assignments, group practice, one page a day, or however you feel they will work best for your students in your classroom. Just know there are 36 weeks of review in each set, and you will have plenty of opportunity to practice these skills in your classroom.

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$100 per grade per content area; 10% bulk order discount for any order of 3 or more sets; Use Promo Code 10discount - Not valid on "All Grades" line items.
Grades K-12 available now!

As curriculum supplements, our Weekly Reviews allow you to focus on your students’ weak points by drilling into specific standards and skills. Preview, review, and assess the skills - Explore the nuances of the Common Core Standards by implementing these materials into your classroom.

If you have any questions about these materials or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to respond to this email and let me know!

Thanks so much,

Emily Self
Director of Operations
Great Educators

PS: These materials are sold as site licenses. Interested in ordering for your full district? Ask me about our multiple-building district discounts!

What do I get with my purchase?

With each purchase, you will receive access to two PDF files - one is the teacher version and the other is the student version. You will have full rights to print, copy, and/or project the items as needed within your classroom.

Each week, you and your students will practice every math or writing, reading, and language standard released for your grade.

Buying for your district?

We sell our products as site licenses, but if you are interested in purchasing for your entire district, please reply to this email to get a quote specific for your needs. We offer several discounts that you - as a district - can use on your next order, such as our multiple-building discount. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Great Educators

PO Box 4187, Waynesville, MO 65583

Phone: 573-336-3372

Fax: 866-317-2749


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