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From:Wednesday, March 11, 2015 6:22 PM -0500
Subject:Spring Semester: Common Core Question Bank, Math and ELA Available 

Common Core Question Banks: K-12 Available
Math and English Language Arts
Create materials mapped to the CCSS for your students today

Teacher Resource: Use the questions to create your own materials
Aligned to the Common Core: Cover all of the standards in your grade

Could you use 700-1200 questions specifically mapped to the Math or English Language Arts Common Core Standards for your grade?

Use our Math and ELA Question Banks to create materials (quizzes, tests, homework assignments) specifically mapped to the national Common Core State Standards for your classroom this year and next year! These materials provide hundreds of sample questions for your grade across all of the standards for your grade.

Do you want some samples?  Just reply to this email with the grade you would like to review!

These Test Banks include 25 questions per standard, often resulting in over 700 questions to use in your classroom. The ELA Test Bank addresses the reading, writing, and language standards while the Math Test Bank addresses all of the math standards released for your grade. With a purchase, you will receive access to a set of files - a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version of the same Test Bank file. You will have full rights to print, copy and paste into any another document, or project the document as needed within your building.

Use these questions to create materials that review or test previously taught concepts. You can also add these questions to your quizzes, homework assignments, small-group exercises, or any other review to practice the appropriate concepts and skills for your classroom.

Get Your Copy Here>>
To order with a PO, click here>>
$100 per grade, 10% bulk order discount for any order of 3 or more sets; ; Use Promo Code 10discount -  Not valid on "All Grades" line items.
Grades K-12 available now!

With the new common core standards' test being tested this year, many teachers are stressed and unsure about how the new standards will affect their classroom and curriculum. Thousands of teachers have used our CCSS Bellringer in their classrooms to familiarize themselves (and their students) with the CCSS. Use our Question Banks to prep your students and create tests mapped to the new CCSS!

If you have any questions about these materials or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to respond to this email and let me know!

Thanks so much,

Emily Self
Director of Operations
Great Educators

PS: These materials are sold as site licenses.  Interested in ordering for your full district?  Ask me about our multiple-building district discounts!

Great Educators, LLC

What's Included?
We have studied the common core standards and created these test banks for educators all over the US. Each standard includes 25 unique questions (with answers) and will be digitally delivered immediately following your purchase.

What do I get with my purchase?
Each set includes access to at least two Test Bank files - a Microsoft Word version and a PDF version. Use the files as needed within your classroom! Copy and paste the questions into your tests, project or use the questions as a review in your classroom - the options are endless!

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