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From:Wednesday, June 18, 2014 3:50 AM -0500
Subject:Bully Prevention Lesson Plans: K-12 Available! 

Bully Prevention Digital Lesson Plan Packages
Make a difference this fall - All Grades Available!

These lesson plans will teach your students about the different types of bullying, including cyberbullying, and how to respond to bullying incidents.  Make a difference this fall by giving your students the tools they need.

Bully Prevention: Digital Lesson Plans

Bullying is not a new problem. Today, though, we are seeing an epidemic of bullying and cyberbullying in the classroom, in our schools, and in our community.

These lesson plan packages include each of the bullying lesson plans: Introduction to Bullying, Types of Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Responding to Bullying.

In the Introduction to Bullying, you will find ways to answer the questions:
1. What is bullying?
2. Who bullies?
3. Who is a victim?
4. Who are bystanders?
5. Why do bullies bully?

In the Responding to Bullying plans, you will find ways to teach them about:
1. The Effects of Bullying
2. The Difference Between Reporting and Tattling
3. What to Do If You Are a Victim
4. What to Do If You See Bullying
5. What to Do if You Are a Bully
6. Anti-Bully ing Contract and Policies

In the Cyberbullying plans, you will find ways to teach them about:
1. Cyberbullying and internet use
2. Cyberbullying on the phone
3. Cyberbullying online
4. Cyberbullying on social media
5. Responding to cyberbullying

In the Types of Bullying plans, you will find ways to teach them about:
1. Direct Bullying
2. Indirect Bullying
3. Physical Bullying
4. Emotional Bullying
5. Resource Bullying
6. Relational Bullying
7. Cyberbullying

Available Now:
Bullying Digital Lesson Plan Packages
Read more and Get your lesson plans HERE>>
PO Orders, Click Here>>
Now $30.00 or $40.00 each (Cyberbullying plans not included in the kindergarten-2nd grade package)

Each professionally written lesson plan comes complete with guided practice questions - to be completed as a class - and evaluation questions - to be completed individually.  The bullying lesson plans are grouped together according to grade level: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, 3rd through 5th Grade, 6th through 8th Grade, and High School. Also, each lesson follows a traditional lesson plan model that all educators - new and experien ced - will understand.

Great Educators

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Bullying is not just "kids being kids"...

It doesn't toughen them up to be picked on by a bully, and some children only get one piece of advice - "Just hit them back!" These attitudes and advice do not help students deal with being bullied.

Often victims are too afraid to ask for help from others, and they may feel that their bullying isn't a big deal.  We believe bullying IS a big deal!  Being bullied can affect children their entire lives.  They may withdraw from friends, family members, and other community events. 

For these reasons, we believe it is essential to teach all children of all ages how to respond appropriately to the bullying incidents they see and experience.

Make a difference today by teaching your students how they can respond to bullying in their circle of influence. Empower them by giving them the tools they need.

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