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From:Thursday, April 25, 2013 6:00 AM -0500
Subject:Stop.Walk.Talk is now new, improved and available to you! 
Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED
Now bringing you the BEST in bully reporting and prevention!


New and Improved!

Stop.Walk.Talk is the National Bully Reporting and Alert System. We have been researching the best way to not only report, track and analyze bullying incidents, but also to provide a way to successfully take preventative action. We have created the best bully reporting and alert system in the nation and it is now available to you for a very low price! The new has better reporting with email and text alerts, better data tracking and analysis, more efficient statistics and is very easy to use and navigate! We also provide customer resources, tools and support products to help you along your way. We care about you and want to help reduce bullying in your schools. We have a product like no other and a staff that is ready to knock out bullying and make a difference in your and your student's lives!

Enrollment into is for 12 months! Enroll now and we will extend your year until June 2014 at no extra cost! Here are some of the things included with your enrollment into 

  • 24 hour access to Bully Reporting and Alert System
  • "Break the Silence" Poster Sets
  • Unlimited FREE Mobile App Downloads
  • "Bully Free Zone" Sticker Packs
  • Student, Teacher, and Parent Bullying Surveys to assess your school's climate
  • 20 Sample "Bully Bands" in a variety of colors. Additional "Bully Bands" are available for separate purchase
  • Special pricing on Assemblies and Onsite Training (Call for pricing and to schedule)
  • 24 hour access to Online Customer Resources
  • Unlimited telephone and technical support 
Want to see for yourself how Stop.Walk.Talk works? Submit this form and we will show you! 

Check out the new here!

Ready to get started? Give us a call at (877) 429-5530 or enroll online!

About Us

Stop.Walk.Talk is the national bully reporting network. Giving a voice to those who have witnessed or been a victim of bullying. Raising the standard of bully prevention, Stop.Walk.Talk allows real time reports, alerts, and solutions.

Want to see for yourself how Stop.Walk.Talk works? Submit this form and we will show you! 

Contact Us
P.O. Box 1004
Waynesville, MO 65583

Phone: 877-429-5530
Fax: 866-352-4539



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