Minnesota Basic Skills Test Preparation Links

* Minnesota Basic Standards Test in Math Page


This site provides opportunities to take any of five different online practice math tests or selected math quizzes by strand. Students receive immediate feedback as to whither the question was answered correctly. Test and quiz score are displayed as both the percent or the number of questions answered correctly.


* Achievement Data Reading and Math Tests


This site provides students with the opportunity to take online basic skills practice test in either reading or math. Total scores are displayed at the end of the test.


* Minneapolis Star Tribune Reading Test


Provides an opportunity to take the 1997 Minnesota Basic Standards practice reading test which consists of four different passages followed by ten questions from each passage to answer.


* Minneapolis Star Tribune Math Test


Provides an opportunity to take the 1997 Minnesota Basic Standards practice math test which consists of 67 math question to answer.

* Minnesota Basic Skills Math Test


This site will link you directly to the Park Center Senior High School Minnesota Basic Skills Math Test. If you choose "Minneapolis Public Schools Math Tests", you will have access to 10-point quizzes focusing on each of the math strands.