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From:Tuesday, April 7, 2015 11:50 AM -0500
Subject:Bully Prevention Certification Course - Now Available 


HMB Systems: Online Resource for Educators
Introducing the Bully Prevention Certification Course

Be the change you want to see in your classroom!

Bullying is not a new problem. Today we are seeing an epidemic of bullying and cyberbullying in the classroom, in our schools, and in our community.

Welcome to HMB Systems!

I am so excited to introduce you to our latest online course, Bully Prevention. The Bully Prevention Certification Course is designed to go in depth into the bullying epidemic. Learn about the problem, the solution, and how to build and implement a Comprehensive Plan to prevent bullying in your community. Divided into 11 modules, this course ensures the learner walks away with a clearer understanding of the modern bullying issues, including cyberbullying.

Please feel free to contact me directly by replying to this email with any questions you have!

Thank you,

Christina Lengele
HMB Systems

P.S. Contact me to find out about special district pricing or how to pay with a purchase order.

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Bullying is not just "kids being kids"...

  • It doesn't toughen them up to be picked on by a bully, and some children only get one piece of advice - "Just hit them back!" These attitudes and advice do not help students deal with being bullied.
  • Often victims are too afraid to ask for help from others, and they may feel that their bullying isn't a big deal. We believe bullying IS a big deal! Being bullied can affect children their entire lives. They may withdraw from friends, family members, and other community events.
  • We believe it is essential to teach all children of all ages how to respond appropriately to the bullying incidents they see and experience.
  • We know your time is at a premium so we designed this course in modules that allow you to complete it within your schedule, at your own pace.

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