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From:Saturday, February 28, 2015 9:53 AM -0600
Subject:Spring Semester ELA Weekly Reviews: Now Available! 

Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts Weekly Review
36 weeks of Reading, Writing, and Language CCSS practice
Just released for the spring semester!!

Do you need new ways to practice the CCSS skills each week?  Do you want
materials that aid in the review and retention of previously taught concepts?

CCSS: ELA Weekly Review -
Includes 36 Sets of Questions!

Just Released for the Spring Semester
We've just released our new English Language Arts Common Core Weekly Reviews! What's unique about this product? Each week, the types of questions remain the same in this product - but the literature and informational text excerpts change, so you have many opportunities to practice all of the skills from the standards every week of the school year!

You've taught the skills all year.  Now use these materials in the spring to review the concepts before your state testing dates.

In our CCSS Weekly Reviews, we first provide either a literature or an informational text excerpt (they alternate each week).  We then provide a set of questions; these questions cover all of the Reading: Literature, the Reading: Informational Text, and Language standards every two weeks.  Lastly, we give you two writing prompts that correspond to the literature or informational text excerpt each week.  These prompts cover the writing standards released for your grade every two weeks.  All questions and writing prompts are mapped to the corresponding Common Core State Standard for you - allowing you to practice the skills over and over with your students.

Click here to see a sample>>

Do you want to see additional samples? Just reply to this email with the grade you would like to review!

We encourage educators to take advantage of the flexibility inherent in these products. You've taught the skills associated with the standards all year; Use these materials to review and refresh the CCSS concepts this spring. It is time to practice using and work with the common core standards in your classroom and school.

Get more information here>>
To order with a PO, click here>>
$100 per grade; includes access to two PDF files per set (one is the teacher edition and other is the student edition) and full rights to print, copy, and/or project as needed in your classroom.

With the common core standards being tested this year, many teachers are stressed and unsure about how the new standards will affect their classroom and curricu lum. Don't be stressed; Use our materials to help prep your students!

CCSS Math Weekly Review Information

What's Included? We have studied the common core standards and created Weekly Reviews to test each of the Reading: Literature, Reading: Informational Text, Language, and Writing standard released for your grade. Each week includes an excerpt followed by a set of questions and two writing prompts, which are all mapped to the corresponding Common Core Standard. The excerpts change each week, but the types of questions remain the same - allowing you to practice the skills over and over with your students.

Do you want some samples? Just reply to this email with the grade you would like to review!

What do I get with my purchase? With each purchase, you will receive access to two PDF files - one is the teacher version and the other is the student version. You will have full rights to print, copy, and/or project as needed within your classroom.

Great Educators

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Phone: 573-336-3372
Fax: 866-317-2749

How do you use the Weekly Reviews?

1. As homework assignments

Assign portions of a weekly review - or the entire weekly review - as homework assignments for your students. Use them as reviews for information and concepts you already taught that week.

2. As a weekly test/quiz

Have your students complete an entire weekly review as a test or quiz as needed. Each week usually includes 15-20 questions as well as two writing prompts for each reading excerpt.

3. During your intervention time

Use the weekly reviews to preview, review, or refresh any skill that your students might need a little extra help with during your intervention time.

4. Small-group or breakout session

All ow your students to work on sections (or entire reviews) together during a breakout session. They can help each other review the concepts addressed in each review.

5. In whatever way works for you and your students! Take advantage of the inherent flexibility of these products and use them as you see fit in your classroom.

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