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From:Wednesday, January 14, 2015 8:01 PM -0600
Subject:Improve your students’ math proficiency with Lymboo Math 
Dear Educator,

My name is Melissa White, Director of School Relations for Lymboo Math. We are on a mission to empower students to achieve highest levels of academic success.

Our flagship product, Lymboo Math, is the only personalized, comprehensive, and structured math practice program available today. With its comprehensive content, a structure that provides continuous reinforcement, and rigor that promotes mastery, Lymboo Math helps students build a strong foundation in math.

Our adaptive learning platform delivers personalized and differentiated learning experience to students with varying abilities and learning needs. A comprehensive diagnostic test and the subsequent analysis places each individual student at a stage in the curriculum that is appropriate to them. The ensuing structured learning program combines lessons, practice, feedback, and evaluation to deliver an optimal learning path for all students. Real-time, in-depth analysis and customizable reporting helps parents, teachers, and administrators to improve quality and efficiency of teaching. With Lymboo Math, students also have access to our unique year-end test preparation program. The test prep program helps students improve their test scores by identifying knowledge gaps and then providing remediation through automated practice and evaluation.

Best of all, Lymboo Math Basic Membership is free!

Please visit to activate your classroom account. All of your students will receive their individual login and password for Lymboo Math. They can access Lymboo Math from anywhere (home, school, library, etc.) and from any computer or tablet with Internet access.

Dr. Melissa White
Director, School Relations
Lymboo Math

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