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From:Thursday, November 13, 2014 12:19 PM -0600
Subject:Clever teacher quotes in ready-to-print mini-posters 
I’m Michael Werner and I’m addicted to educational quotes. 
I’ve turned my addiction into a fun, free website where teachers
like you can print FREE mini-posters of teacher-related quotes. 
Well you see, ever since I was a kid, I can remember clipping 
motivational quotes and headlines from newspapers and magazines.  
While small, these motivational sayings always brightened my day,
and I loved to hang them in my room, on the bathroom mirror, on
the kitchen fridge…. 
As an adult, I still hang quotes everywhere!  
The Internet has exponentially grown my quote collection, but I 
still never had a convenient way to get quotes printed out nicely
so that I could put them on my walls and hand them out to students,
other teachers, and friends.
So, I decided to create a convenient way to help myself and 
teachers create and print free mini-posters on teacher, learning,
and school quotes I loved… and that led to this site.
Feel free to browse and print my mini-posters and to give me ideas
or quotes
Take care, and enjoy the mini-posters,
P.S. If you decide to subscribe, for free, to 
so that you can get news every time I add a new mini-poster
(about once a week), I’ll give you a free copy of my PDF ebook,
 57 Inspirational Teacher Quotes.

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