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From:Tuesday, August 26, 2014 10:01 PM -0500
Subject:Lymboo Math - personalized and adaptive online math program 
Dear Educator,

My name is Melissa White, Director of School Relations for Lymboo Math. I am writing
to tell you about exciting new additions to our hugely popular Lymboo Math
program and to invite you try it for a free for 30 days.  Lymboo Math is the only
research-based, personalized, structured, and rigorous math enrichment program
on the web!   

Lymboo Math is being used by over 25,000 teachers and their students both at
school and at home. The program’s emphasis on personalization and
differentiation, combined with structure and rigor builds a strong foundation
in math. During 2013-2014, over 25,000 teachers have fallen in love with
Lymboo Math. You can read some of their testimonials at


Simply visit to activate your classroom
trial account. All of your students will receive their individual login and
password for Lymboo Math. They can access Lymboo Math from anywhere (home,
school, library, etc.) and from any computer or tablet with Internet access.


* Personalized and differentiated program for each student
* Comprehensive diagnostic/placement test to determine appropriate starting level
* Self-paced, adaptive program structure to foster independent learning
* Comprehensive curriculum -- above and beyond Common Core Standards
* All-round math - concepts, facts, word-problems, critical thinking, and problem solving
* Smart spiral reviews to ensure long-term retention
* Real-time individual & classroom reports and analysis
* 24/7 access from home and school for students and teachers
* Video lessons for key topics
* Audio support to aid emergent readers
* Phone and email support based in USA


Lymboo Math is rooted in the findings of the best research in cognitive and
pedagogical sciences. Insights into effective learning and retention
strategies have shaped the structure and content of Lymboo Math. More details
on research behind Lymboo Math at

I invite you to join us on our mission to make every student proficient in

Please visit to learn more.

Dr. Melissa White
Director, School Relations
Lymboo Math

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Santa Rosa, CA 95405