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From:Monday, August 18, 2014 11:00 PM -0500
Subject:Become a Google Tools Expert this School Year 
Become a Google Tools Expert

FREE Online Event: Become a Google Tools Expert

Google is so much more than your favorite search engine - it's a way to inspire
creativity in your students, increase student productivity and collaboration, and
spend less time on menial classroom tasks.

Join us for a free online event featuring many of the hidden tools and resources
that Google has to offer. Our experienced presenters will share their favorite tips
& tricks to help you become a Google Expert in no time!

Space Is Limited - Click Here to Register and Save Your Seat

5 Free Google Webinars:

• Productivity and Collaboration in the Cloud with Google Drive

• Simplify Data Collection and Documentation with Google Forms

• Going Google: The Quick Start Guide to Getting Started with Google Tools

• Connecting and Collaborating with Google Hangouts

• Google Search: 10 Tips to Help Your Students Search Smarter!
Click Here for Free Registration
Click Here for Free Registration


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