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From:Wednesday, July 23, 2014 5:38 PM -0500
Subject:Become a Google Tools Expert 
Become a Google Tools Expert

Free Online Event: Become a Google Tools Expert

Are you using Google's free tools in your classroom yet? At this free online event, our presenters will provide hassle-free directions for getting organized, communicating with parents, and increasing student achievement in your classroom. No matter what subject or grade level you teach, you'll learn about resources for both you and your students!

Space Is Limited - Click Here to Register and Save Your Seat

6 Live Google Webinars:

• Make Google Forms Work For You

• Get on Track and Stay There with Google Calendar

• The Quick Start Guide to Google Tools

• Using Google Docs to Construct Knowledge

• Getting to Know Google Chrome Apps

• Use Google to Improve Communication with Parents

Click Here for Free Registration
Click Here for Free Registration
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