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From:Friday, June 20, 2014 8:05 PM -0500
Subject:Improving Test Scores: PD Workshops 

Great Educators: On-Site Staff Development Training Affordable seminars and training at your location

- Are you looking for the best staff development training for your teachers?
- Are you planning your professional development events for next year?

Schedule your staff development on-site training courses for the fall now! 

Painless strategies to dramatically improve student test scores are available through our Improving Test Scores on-site staff development course. Learn dozens of simple and proven strategies every student MUST know to maximize scores.

You and your fellow educators will also learn strategies and teaching techniques for every type of test question, the significance of AYP, Safe Harbor, and the Growth Model and how to use this knowledge strategically to meet your school's AYP goals for the next testing cycle.

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In this workshop, dig into the types of questions that have caused problems for your students. Whether it has been constructed response, selected response, writing prompt or performance event questions that have caused your AYP to fall, you will learn strategies for each type of questions that will ensure student success.

In addition, we will dissect the rules about AYP and show you how you can use the rules to make AYP next testing cycle. This knowledge will include important information about Safe Harbor and the Growth Model.

Need more information about scheduling your staff development on-site? Contact us here>>

You and your fellow educators will have a plan you can take back to your class and implement immediately to get great results. You'll learn dozens of simple and proven strategies every student MUST know to maximize their scores.

References available upon request!

On-Site Information

On-Site training is one of the best ways to maximize your professional development budget. Great Educators offers a variety of staff development training topics and can work with you to customize your training event.

Other On-Site Topics Available:
> Bullying
> Interpreting the Data and Making it Work
> Behavior Management for Exceptional Children
> Motivating "That" Student
> Dealing with Angry Parents
> Improving End of Course Test Scores
> Math Strategies for Improving Test Scores

Why Great Educators?

Our presenters are experts. Our presenters have been working with educators and schools across the nation to encourage and motivate through their public workshops and on-site staff development training events.

They use real-life examples and applicable strategies for all of our topics. You and your educators will walk away feeling empowered and better able to meet the specific situations in their classroom. Find what you need in these on-site staff development training events.

Find us online at, call us at 573-336-3372, or email us by responding to this email.

Make this year's staff development training event meaningful!

Other On-Site Topics

1. Bullying: Learn how to deal with cyber, physical, emotional, resource and relational bullying in and out of school as well as how to build a comprehensive plan for bullying intervention. 

2. Interpreting the Data and Making it Work: Learn how to utilize the test scores to write productive, measurable goals and to improve future test results.

3. Behavior Management for Exceptional Children: Learn the "How's" and "Why's" of effective discipline strategies and effective behavior management skills.

4. Motivating "That" Student:
Learn how to increase your students' interest and motivation in your classroom.

5. Dealing with Angry Parents: Learn strategies for communicating with disgruntled parents through written and face-to-face contact.

6. Improving End of Course Test Scores:
Perfect for educators serving grades 9-12, learn strategies to help every student maximize their test scores.

7. Math Strategies for Improving Test Scores:
Learn specific strategies for word problems, algebraic concepts, and numbers and operations.

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