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From:Tuesday, December 3, 2013 9:31 PM -0600
Subject:Improve your students’ math proficiency with Lymboo Math 

Dear Educator,

My name is Bala Kumthekar, co-founder of Lymboo. I am writing to introduce you to Lymboo Math, our comprehensive, structured, and rigorous K-5 web-based math enrichment program. For 2013-2014, I am glad to offer your students access to Lymboo Math at absolutely no cost. This offer also includes Lymboo Math Test Prep, our year-end standardized test preparation program.

You can request a classroom account in less than a minute by visiting

Better yet, you can have your school administrator request a Lymboo Math school account. Simply visit


Lymboo Math is unique

  • Individualized and differentiated program for each student
  • Comprehensive diagnostic tests to determine appropriate starting level
  • Self-paced & adaptive program structure for independent learning
  • Comprehensive curriculum: above and beyond Common Core Standards
  • 360° math - concepts, facts, word-problems, critical thinking, and problem solving
  • Long-term retention through periodic spiral reviews
  • Lymboo Math Test Prep - comprehensive standardized test preparation
  • Real-time individual & class reports and analysis for teachers
  • Zero cost Basic Membership to schools, teachers, students and their parents
  • Phone and email support based in USA

You will love Lymboo Math

Lymboo Math is a great resource for teachers. The individualized program allows for differentiated math practice for each student. Automated grading, detailed reports on individual student’s progress, and analysis of strengths & trouble spots, significantly improve your ability to teach more effectively and efficiently.


Request your classroom/school account

You can get started in less than a minute by visiting

Better yet, you can have your school administrator request a Lymboo Math school account. Simply visit

Need assistance?

You can also call us toll-free at (855) 596-2661 to speak to one of our team members to help you get started. If you prefer, one of our representatives will set up a short online training session for you to get familiar with Lymboo Math. We certainly hope you will join us in our mission to improve math proficiency of our future generation, one child at a time!

Please forward this information to other educators that you think might benefit from Lymboo Math.

Thank you for your time.

Dr. Bala Kumthekar, Ph.D.

Note: My apologies if this program is not relevant to you or your school. If you choose to remove your email from our list, please see instructions at the end of this email.


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