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From:Thursday, April 11, 2013 6:16 AM -0500
Subject:[BULK] Have you said something to a student you regretted? 
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Have you ever had a confrontation with a student? Did you lose your self-control? Said something you regretted?

I am going to share with you one of the top 3 blunders that most teachers make that keep them sleepless, stressed-out and hungry for success.

Self-control is a research proven strategy that for over 27-years has reduced discipline problems in classrooms by 90%. That’s right, 90%! Self-control is also one strategy that teachers forget to use – and thus – they continue to see discipline disruptions in the classroom, and lessons end up not being taught.


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In my powerful full-day seminar you will walk away with fun strategies that will help you elegantly side step the challenges. I’m going to reveal how diffusers communicate a certain level of empathy and save you instructional time by not engaging in a potential confrontation.


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So next time a student says, “This isn’t how Mr. Smith did it last year”, respond with “I understand” and immediately resume teaching.  “Why do we have to have so much homework”, respond with, “I’m sorry” and immediately resume teaching. 


Having these 2 statements and other diffusers next to your desk is a good practice when first implementing them.


All you have to do is click on the link below for additional information and to register for my seminar.


Training for Educators – By Educators… I am offering this seminar in Bloomington, MN, April 26 and in Rochester, MN, April 27.  This seminar is being held on Friday and Saturday to minimize substitute costs and school expenses, and teachers can use the credit hours as part of their license renewal plans.  The cost of the graduate credits is included in the seminar fee .


Also, as a thank you for entrusting me with your time I will add two more common blunders that teachers make and give you strategies on how to avoid them. That’s five most common blunders teachers make that keep them sleepless, stressed-out and hungry for success.


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ENJOY TEACHING AGAIN! Participants learn techniques that will allow them to complete the lesson cycle in the classroom (without constant disruptions). Students will be focused on instruction – and teachers will see success in results!


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Classroom Management –
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Teach the unmotivated to be motivated 
Teach the irresponsible to be responsible
Teach the disrespectful to be respectful

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We will give you strategies proven to increase student scores, expand parental support, and improve teacher job satisfaction – all while significantly reducing classroom disruptions.


  • Raise standardized test scores for all students!
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  • Empower students to learn appropriate classroom behavior!
  • Decrease discipline challenges and focus on teaching!
  • Eliminate nearly all multiple warnings and repeated requests!


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