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From:Tuesday, August 7, 2012 9:10 PM -0500
Subject:[BULK] Color Poster Printer For Your School 
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  • Print FULL COLOR posters in under 5 minutes by pressing one button Print your own photos, PDFs and digital files in giant poster size by simply dragging and dropping your files Design colorful and imaginative masterpieces using industry leading poster design software 100k+ No royalty graphics
Thousands of fonts
Template driven design
Photostudio caliber image tools  Economical printing - $2 - $5 per poster at 30% print coverage Now also includes access to our exciting new template gallery! Our gallery provides an invaluable resource to teachers and staff - allowing complimentary access to an ever expanding library of editable poster templates for the classroom and school!
Creating poster size classroom masterpieces has never been easier!

Step1: Press Scan


Step 2: Review and click print


Your 24" poster is ready in under 5 minutes!



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