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From:Wednesday, May 16, 2012 11:13 AM -0500
Subject:$1000 + per training day - Be a consultant - present for us! 
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Seeking Talented Trainers!

Join us in July- and be able to start immediately! 

 This email is part of our national search for top Education Trainers.
We are a national staff development company and we train in PK – 12 grade schools nationwide (public/private and charter schools). A small number of our trainers also train at colleges and churches.

You can work in your regional area or travel to work in another state (you will determine). This is a contract assignment (part-time/ when you are available). We have a few trainers who decide to work full-time.
Also, please know we do NOT pay hourly. Our trainers are compensated based on the materials the school purchases (usually $1000 - $3500 is paid to a consultant per training day). The more participants attending the training and/or materials the school purchases... the more you earn each training day (none of our trainers earn less than $1000 per training day... often it is much more).

We seek certified educators – but have a small number of trainers who are not certified. It is beneficial to have a background in the education field or close ties/ a connection with PK - 12 grade education. If you are not certified – but have a close connection with working with children… and enjoy training adults – then you will be considered.

Successful consultants who work with us have the following backgrounds (teachers, principals, counselors, professors, assistant principals, superintendents, retired educators, social workers, behavior specialist, staff development coordinators, professional speakers and consultants, authors, plus other backgrounds dealing with students). 
We also have a few that have worked training adults in other areas - and those that are speakers for other companies.  
If you are a retired educator (or retired trainer)... we are interested and hope you will review our information (your experience is valuable to us!).

Our trainers are highly qualified and can hold the attention of an audience while delivering outstanding content. You MUST enjoy training/staff development.

If you are interested in learning more about our company, beliefs, financials, etc. we request that you respond by emailing a resume or brief (short 2 paragraphs about your connection with schools) and we will send you directly to our website for additional details. NO need to send references at this time.
We will meet next in Orlando, Florida (July 2012) for those ready to begin (all consultants/trainers for our company attend a train the trainer session prior to training at schools – this is required). 

Our best presenters have a business mindset! Our trainers have PASSION for helping schools while earning OUTSTANDING pay (higher than most corporate trainers).

FULL DETAILS (location, company information, financials, etc.) will be provided to everyone who sends their resume or brief (short 2 paragraphs about themself and how they have a connection with schools, teachers and/or children).
Thank you for taking time to review our email and for your dedication to excellence in education.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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