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From:Thursday, September 1, 2011 4:00 AM -0500
Subject:eBackpack Updates! Direct Folder Save, Virus Management, and more 
Attachments: - Web storage, homework submission, and collaboration.
Many New Features.
eBackpack has been busy adding more features that you want. Like always, let us know how we can make eBackpack even better for you! Visit eBackpack to learn more...

1) Virus Quarantine, Reporting, and Management - We keep you safe from viruses.
2) Mass modify or delete users, classes, or class rosters - Change all your information with easy updates from your student information system.
3) Desktop Integration Module Option - You can directly open and save files to eBackpack through a folder on your computer!
4) Latest Updates - easily see what has changed on eBackpack
5) Multi-File Upload!
6) Upload progress indicators
And More....

Let us know what you think about these exciting new feature!  

Testimonials & References
eBackpack is looking to add examples of how you are using eBackpack to our website. Can you share a testimonial or comment about eBackpack?
eBackpack can help cut your spending so you can use the saving elsewhere to fund other urgent needs!  
Use our cost savings calculator to see how much your school can save on ink and paper alone. Share your thoughts on eBackpack...

What's Coming?
eBackpack has many exciting things planned this summer (did someone ask for enhanced assignment capability?). What would you like to see? Let us know what you'd like to see...
Budget Issues?
eBackpack more than pays for itself - use the extra savings to fund other needs.
Easily reallocate $15 per student on paper and ink costs alone!
Calculate how much you can save with eBackpack! 

See it yourself!
Get a personalized demo of eBackpack.

Sign Up - It's FREE!
Get started with your own eBackpack account for a class or all of your classes. Or contact us to start a school wide trial through the demo link above.

eBackpack Features
Cloud based File Storage
iPad Integration
Administrative Controls
Homework Drop Boxes
Large uploads
Unlimited Storage Option
Available 24/7 
Collaboration & Review
Online File Viewing
Outstanding Support
Fully Hosted - Nothing to Install
Simple & Secure
Extensive Reporting
eBackpack, Inc. 2931 Ridge Road, Suite 101-109, Rockwall, TX 75032

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