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From:Tuesday, August 23, 2011 9:43 AM -0500
Subject:Proven Research-Based Tips for Improving your Classroom 
TLC Teach.Learn.Connect.
/Icons/0 Why consider online education for teachers?
There are many reasons busy professionals take online classes. Some enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and freedom to learn at their pace. For others, there’s no driving involved which saves both time and money. But how do you choose a graduate teacher program that also gives you the skills to improve your classroom?

Where to look when it comes to online education for teachers?
Educators who have experienced graduate teacher training programs from several providers can tell you who tops their list. Some educators followed a colleague’s recommendation, tried it, and liked it too. All online teacher development course providers claim to be the best. But have you thought about it…that only one of them can be right?

A few good examples…

Gary Grabau, an educator in Minnesota, recalled that many of his previous educational courses were dry and often not applicable in the real classroom, until he experienced the graduate course of a particular provider. He was pleasantly surprised by the practical strategies and teaching techniques as well as their validation from several research findings. After 26 years in education, Linda Hill thought it would be difficult to find teacher development courses that provide both new insights and practices until she experienced this same provider’s teacher graduate courses. After 9 years of being a stay-at-home mom, Deborah Weihl, an educator in Maryland, transitioned back into the classroom with ease, all due to the ready-to-use teaching skills and techniques from the graduate courses from the same provider.

Tom Reed of Illinois was reluctant to take his first class with this provider, assuming it was irrelevant to him as a music teacher. After its completion, he declared it the best he has ever taken. Ellen Lapota, another educator from Illinois, said she became a better teacher after taking one class—just one class—from this provider and added, "The energy it brought to my class is invaluable."

These are just a few of the educators who benefited from these courses.

Which graduate course provider wins these accolades from educators?
It’s none other than Performance Learning Systems (PLS) whose mission is to provide students with the best teachers in the world! For over 40 years PLS has been partnering with highly reputable universities, delivering onsite and online classes for teachers. 91 percent of our participants rated PLS graduate courses better than non-PLS courses.

Your colleagues have spoken! Other companies may tell you they are the best, but we would rather tell you what educators who have experienced our graduate courses said and let you be the judge. That 91 percent of over 1 million educators can’t be wrong.

Visit to view online courses offered this fall or call 1-877-PLS-CLAS to register for classes. Classes fill quickly!
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