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From:Tuesday, May 24, 2011 10:12 PM -0500
Subject:[workbook] 24 FUN Examples For Using Interactive Whiteboards... 

Hey Teachers,

Who Else Wants 24 Real Life Examples For Using Interactive
Whiteboards Without Spending A Dime, Without Searching,
Without Frustration?

We’re excited to share this digital workbook with you! These
free resources will help you create engaging 21st century
learning experiences for you and your students.

Also, when get your workbook we'll send you the link to view
the on-demand Interactive Whiteboards webinar.

     Your Peers Enjoyed the Webinar and the Workbook

Real teachers, just like you, told us what they think...

"I liked how it showed the whiteboard as a user friendly
classroom tool."
- Patricia Broecker

"The new sites that my teachers can add to
their bank for smartboard activities in the classroom."
- Edwina

"Not only did you showcase the sites but you also gave
several specific ideas about using them in the classroom"
- Jean Potter

      Inside You'll Discover Examples For...

- Exploring Tectonics and Volcanoes Using Animation and

- Creating a Collaborative Play as a group or multi-class

- Studying the Lives of Literary Greats to find the source
of their inspiration.

To Your Classroom Success,

The SimpleK12 Team

P.S.  BONUS 1 - 10 free webtools to use with your
Interactive Whiteboard.

P.P.S. BONUS 2 - Watch the on-demand Interactive Whiteboards


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