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From:Saturday, May 7, 2011 2:12 PM -0500
Subject:[download] 11 Perfect Webtools For The Blended Classroom... 

Hey Teachers,

Here's a FREE eBook that contains 11 hidden gems of the
internet for creating a 21st century classroom without
spending a dime, without searching, and without frustration.

Click here to get your copy

                  Teachers Are Raving...

We've received great feedback about this ebook from real
teachers all over the world.

"Thank you - love the resources and being able to share with
students and other teachers"
- Karen Zilhaver

"This has been so valuable !  Thank you !!"
- Donald Abrams

"The magazine website has given me a terrific idea! My 3rd
graders are creating Glogster pages that include poetry they
are writing about themselves and their families. "
- Apstechgoddess

Go here to now for instant access

                    Inside You'll Discover...

The top 3 video tools that simplify publishing, sharing,
communicating and connecting with other teachers and
students around the world.

How to quickly and easily find just the right image for that
all important report or pictorial essay.

The best ways to share those large files that are impossible
to send via email.

To Your Classroom Success,

The SimpleK12 Team

P.S.  You’re about to see "Hidden Webtools" used by
teachers, just like yourself, to enhance lesson plans and
class activities.

Go Here To Get Your Copy...


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