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From:Wednesday, January 12, 2011 5:27 AM -0600
Subject:Instructional Strategies to Meet Key Classroom Needs 
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One PLS graduate course could make a world
         of difference in your career
Discover instructional strategies to meet key classroom needs.

Let Performance Learning Systems (PLS) assist you in providing solutions to your unique classroom challenges. To find courses available in your area that will give you the right instructional mix to help students gain independence as they develop life-long interest in learning, click here.

"I was reluctant to take this PLS class. I did not feel that I would be able to relate it to my subject area of music. Boy, was I wrong! The concept of learning relates to every teacher’s subject! After the first class session I was hooked! This has been the best class that I have taken! Every teacher would benefit from this course."
                                                                                    -Tom Reed

Performance Learning Systems
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Performance Learning Systems, Inc. ® (PLS), is a comprehensive educational services company that has provided a full spectrum of programs, products, and consulting services to educators and business professionals since 1969.
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